Beyt Island

Situated around 30 km from the main town of Dwarka, Beyt Island (also called Bet Dwarka or Shankodhar) is a small island which was the main port in the region before the development of Okha. Located at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, the island is enclosed by a few temples, white sand beaches and coral reefs, which is the prime reason for the tourist activity in the region. Among the several activities available at the beach to engage the tourists, the most popular ones include dolphin spotting, marine excursions, beach camping and picnics etc.

Aside from the flourishing tourism industry, the island also holds a significant mythological and religious significance. It is believed to be the home of Lord Krishna when he was the king of Dwarka. It was here where Lord Krishna exchanged the bags of rice with his friend Sudama – as the story goes. Therefore, this place is also visited by several devotees for a pilgrimage as well.