Flying Orb Boomerang Ball

Magic LED Flying Toy

Intelligent devices like computers, tablets, I-pads, and smartphones have become the new play toys for children. Unfortunately, if uncontrolled, these gadgets can cause harm and severe social and cognitive issues in children. Experts are recommending physical play items for kids.

Orb Boomerang Ball is advertised as a LED-flying ball that can spice up family time. Is the toy worth the hype? Who can use Orb Boomerang balls?



Multiple LED Lights: Orb Boomerang Ball shines in different colors, particularly dim light. The ball produces a variety of colors during the action. The multi-colored LED lights make it attractive and easy to find even after dark.

User-friendly: Orb Ball is simple and easy to operate, even for younger children. Older users can spin it from different angles to get the thrill out of it. The ball is ideal for kids and adult users.

Drone Technology: Orb ball creators claim it can spin and move in the air depending on your desired direction. It is designed to turn around and come back to the user. The Orb Boomerang Ball moves like a drone, covering distances and producing diverse RGB lights.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The Orb Boomerang Ball is an entertainment tool you can utilize indoors and outdoors.

Price-Friendly: The Orb Boomerang Ball is purportedly a safe and affordable toy worth its price.

Drop-Resistant: The Orb Boomerang Ball uses a balloon-like drone technology that ensures it flies in the air. The unique drone-like features give the gadget a boomerang nature.

Rechargeable: The Orb Boomerang Ball uses rechargeable batteries that keep it in motion and support the color spectrum’s production.